Adult audience stories A to L
Last updated: 08 june 2005

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Among The Stars
Damita Syn Rated A (18+) Strange unidentified flying objects are appearing over the night sky in the English countryside. Steed and Mrs. Peel are called in to investigate. This story is much like a "missing episode," except that those things we viewers imagined happened between Steed and Peel out of view of the cameras are presented in detail. Beware: the story is very much adult-oriented, and includes both sex and violence.
Archaeology Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed revisits his past, Emma begins an important project. Sequel to Dearly Beloved
Blind Trust Mia McCroskey(MiaM) Steed becomes a man hunter, Emma stays afloat. Sequel to Twists of Fate
The Boat (1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5) Mona Morstein Rated A (18+) for lots of romantic sex, more than is probably needed, but I got carried away. A little violence as well; Not much.
After escaping a life-threatening kidnapping, and then receiving
life-affirming news, Steed is strangely tormented by War memories that drive him to the brink of a nervous breakdown and drive his wife to the brink of leaving him. Can they survive as a happy couple?
The Cabin Mona Morstein Rated R (18+) for a little sex and violence.
Mona's first story. What happens when injured Steed and new agent Emma Peel wind up trapped in a cabin in the Canadian Rockies, with no way to call for help, and murderous bad guys out looking for them?
Coincidence Mona Morstein Rated A (18+) for romantic sex.
If you don't mind sex in various positions, and would enjoy reading one possible way Steed and Emma both realized they actually loved each other emotionally (not just physically), this is the story for you.
Concrete Evidence Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed is interested in demolition, Emma invests in real estate. Sequel to Blind Trust
Dearly Beloved Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed plans a surprise, Emma flirts with danger.
Diamond Mind Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed makes the cut, Emma slides on the ice. Sequel to Torcello
The Disk Mona Morstein Rated R (18+) for a little bit of sex. Violence is fairly negligible.
Mona's first real Avenger episode story! A diabolical mastermind and his accomplices are going to drain the life energy from the MPs of England, killing them all. Can Steed and Emma stop it before their lives are evaporated away as well? Rated: R for a little bit of sex. Violence is fairly negligible.
Emma's Recipe Damita Syn Rated A (18+) This brief story was written as an entry into a "Worst Sex Scene" contest, and therefore is not to be taken seriously. It is, however, very, very, very adult-oriented. Beware.
Emma's Tale J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) Both loved and hated by Steedophiles for its bittersweet content, a post-"New Avengers" story related by a mature Emma Peel.
The Embassy Kathryn Charles Rated A (18+) Knight Industries develops a new ELF system that causes havoc while Steed and Emma realize just what they mean to each other.
Exit Strategy Kathryn Charles Rated A (18+) A renegade Steed on the run, Emma trying to catch him up...
The Fire Mona Morstein Rated R (18+) for a little bitty bit of sex at the end. No real violence.
Spoiler warning: Happens right after "Two's a crowd".
When Steed uses Emma as he used to use Cathy, Emma rebels,
drastically. Steed is lost without her, and when she's kidnapped to be soon killed, Steed is committed to finding her and making things right. Only, he doesn't find her in time...
Four and Twenty Blackbirds Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed grows a tail, Emma makes her move. Sequel to Mathematics, with some rather adult content in the first chapter.
The Game People Play J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) After winning a polo match, Steed is taught by Mrs. Peel what the phrase "to the victor the spoils" really means...
A Girl Called Elise J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) Emma Peel discovers the link between a young French girl, Elise Galliard, and a mistake in Steed's past.
Happy Birthday, Steed Kathryn Charles Rated A (18+) A little PWP from Emma to Steed on his 43rd birthday.. :o)
Impasse J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) In the wake of Peter Peel's return, Emma runs away then wrestles with her feelings until Steed finally acts to break the impasse she faces.
In Oneself Place J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) When a humble civil servant develops an obsession, both Steed and Emma end up in danger.
Jack In The Green J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) When Steed and Mrs. Peel go on the trail of a consignment of smuggled rifles, they discover that Paganism is alive and well in '60s Wiltshire... and that human sacrifice in England is more than just an ancient legend.
The Kingmaker J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) Steed and Mrs. Peel go to Moscow on a diplomatic mission, but things go badly wrong for Steed when he is compromised by a face from the past and eventually ends up in the hands of the KGB.
Juggernaut Mia McCroskey Rated A (18+) Steed cleans house, Emma faces her ghosts . Follows Puzzles of Kings
The King and the Knave of Hearts J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) Broadly set after Jack In The Greenand Questions Without Answers. When Steed is ordered to hunt for a traitor he has to face up to both an old and trusted friend and an old and dangerous rival. Featuring a cameo appearance by Venus Smith.
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