Adult audience stories M to Z
Last updated: 05 September 2004

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Mad Dash Mia McCroskey Rated A (18+) Steed does the babysitting, Emma makes a run for it. Follows Diamond Mind
A Man Named Steed J.M.Galloway Rated A (18+) When Emma Peel's life is threatened, she is assigned a bodyguard - much to her annoyance!
Mirrors in Belfast Winfred S. Jones, Jr. Rated A (18+) For violence and a touch of sex. The very first of young Steed's assignement for the Ministry.
Murder On The Grand Canal Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Rated A (18+) Steed treads emotional waters, Emma learns to row.
The Paint Gun (1 - 2 - 3) Mona Morstein Rated A (18+) for a bit of violence, and a touch of sex.
How does a diabolical mastermind wreak havoc in the most loving marriage in England? By diabolically causing Emma Steed to attempt to kill her husband... twice! Introducing Steed and Emma's two children, Elly and Eddy.

The Parcel (1 - 2 - 3 - 4) Mona Morstein Rated R (18+) for EXTREME VIOLENCE, and for sex.
A story with little Emma in it, it's about Steed being set up as a traitor by an enemy in the Ministry. This is my most intense story emotionally for Steed --his suffers the grief of a family member dying and is, frankly, brutally tortured. Not for the delicate minded reader! Yet, there is the proverbial happy ending and I hope some good writing as well.

Paris Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Rated A (18+) Steed gives a gift, Emma struggles with choices.
Puzzles of Kings Mia McCroskey Rated A (18+) Steed plays the sport of kings, Emma solves some puzzles.
Questions Without Answers J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) After the events recounted in "Jack In The Green", Steed and Emma struggle to come to terms with the changes in their relationship.
Siren's Call part 1 Kathryn Charles Rated A (18+) How Steed and Emma came to work together.
The Tapestry (1 - 2 - 3) Mona Morstein Rated R (18+) for violence and a tiny touch of sex.
This is a psychological study of NA Steed, regarding who he is at that stage of his life, his relationships with various women after Emma leaves him, and understanding his fears of returning to Emma, when she wants him to after her divorce. Only a terribly traumatic time in Iraq leads him back to his one, true love.
To Break Your Heart J.M.Galloway (Joodiff) Rated A (18+) When Steed and Mrs. Peel meet up after the New Avenger episode "K is for Kill", what will their changed circumstances mean to them? And, Emma Peel asks herself, who actually does own the company propping up an ailing Knight Industries?
Torcello Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Following Archaeology. Steed takes a fall, Emma takes a delivery
Twists Of Fate 7-16 Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed keeps a low profile, Emma finds her way home. Chapter 1 to 6 in the General section.
Two's Company Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed Takes a Risk, Emma Throws a Tantrum. Sequel to Four and Twenty Blackbirds
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