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The Man That Got Away Esteed Mrs. Peel thinks about how it feels to leave Steed. A songfic, based on Judy Garland's song, The Man That Got Away
Mathematics Mia McCroskey (MiaM) A "how they met" story.. Don't miss the sequels!
The Melting Pot Esteed Emma turns on the heat and Steed begins to melt.
Mother Knows Best Cassandra Elise Emma Loses a husband. Steed Gains a Wife. Cathy Shares a Memory. Tara Tries to Forget. First of the series.
Murder On The Grand Canal Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed treads emotional waters, Emma learns to row.

Neverending Story

Search for the Leprechaun A journey of discovery for Steed and Mrs Peel
No Nightmare Tonight Barbell Post 'They Keep Killing Steed'; what happened between Steed and Tara
Ode To An Avenger Alexis Rockford This is a poem using each letter in Steed's full name. (ie. It's an acrostic)
The Party Patty Pat Steed and Emma get reacquainted at his retirement party. Short story.
Patrick Macnee in
  "Who's Who"
Caroline Miniscule A fantasy in four acts - What happens when Patrick Macnee is suddenly thrust through a space/time warp into the reality of Avenger Land.
Peter Peel Winfred S. Jones, Jr. Peter's journal as he reflects on his accident and his coming back to Emma.
Polymorphism Trevor Dower Based on the character of Sir August De Wynter (incarnated by Sean Connery). Related to The Avengers the movie.
Post Forget-Me-Knot Story Lotsofbrolly Their individual thoughts after Emma left Steed.
The Ravenaut Mona Morstein Adaptation of Poe's famous poem "The Raven" into an Avengers-related poem
The Real Ending of The Joker Patty Pat Title says it all.. Spoiler warning! Rated PG
Reflections Karmyn Sequel to The Letter. Emma's thoughts when she receives Steed's letter.
Reflections 2 Karmyn Steed contemplates his future with Emma.
Reflections 3 Karmyn Peter's views
Remember, Remember The First of September Young Avenger Steed loses his memory,
Emma thinks back.
Requiem For A Lightweight Caroline Miniscule A Boxing Day story..
Righting Wrongs Karmyn Two months after she left, Emma returns to Steed with some surprising news. Together they must find out who wanted them apart before they can live happily ever after.
Rough Magic M.P. Warren A MUST-READ !
Russians, Rules & Romance Stormcloud Empath Steed Finds A Token. Emma Becomes A Criminal. Tara Visits The Glorious Motherland. A newly divorced Emma acts in a play sponsored by the Eastern Drug Corporation, hoping to monitor Brodny and Co.'s latest antics.
The Secret Avengers Naked Spy Emma goes hunting. Steed is the game.
Secret Santa Mia McCroskey Steed follows a trail, Emma does the decorating
The Sisterhood Ian Duerden An extraordinary work of art and a mystery to solve.
Smoke Without Fire Mint Julep "A little parlour piece I wrote when I was giving up smoking", the author says
Sonnet On Their Silhouettes Alexis Rockford  
The Stampedes Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Sequel to Betrayal on the Road
Rated PG
Steed of Amber Group Work Multiple stories of another style, based on role-playing where Steed is Prince of Amber
The Steedasticks Alexis Rockford John and Emma play in yet another Romeo and Juliet remake as Matt and Luisa in the Fantasticks! Also features Martin King as El Gallo.
A Tale Of Two Umbrellas Cerv23 John Steed and Emma Peel are invited to a party hosted by Miko Kinju, a scientist. And then John Steed and Emma Peel are invited to a party, hosted by Miko Kinju, a scientist. No, I did not repeat myself!
A Tea Engagement Cassandra Elise Steed Requires a King's Help. Keel Lets His Wound Heal. This is just a short story about Dr. Keel and his nurse Carol Wilson.
The Thirteenth Legion Ian Duerden Sequel to Legacy.
Through The Television Set Esteed When fanfic writers gets involved in their stories...
Time To Kill Esteed Steed/Peel & Batman/Robin... follows The Avengers go to Gotham
To Ride Pegasus Young Avenger A glimpse at Emma's teenage years.
The Transformed Man Caroline Miniscule The last adventure of Cathy Gale. The first day of the rest of John Steed's life.
The Twelve Days of Christmas Esteed There are unsolved murders and it's up to Steed and Mrs. Peel to solve the case before Christmas.
Twists of Fate 1-6 Mia McCroskey (MiaM) Steed keeps a low profile, Emma finds her way home. Ending in the Adult Section.
A Twist Of Fate Esteed Mrs Peel is kidnapped, Steed goes searching
The Uncertainty Principle (unfinished) Sula Bassana Emma goes to the dogs, Steed's barking up the wrong tree.
Finished Business Karmyn Just taking care of some unfinished business,
postscript to Reflections 2
The Unseen Future Trevor Dower A rare treat: a David Keel story, prior to his partnership with Steed.
Waiting For The Killer Cassandra Elise Steed Wants to See His Mother. Emma is Expecting Someone. Cathy Waits in the Dark. Tara Sheds Some Light. Follows Inferno Island.
War Horse Mint Julep A young journalist meets with a long retired John Steed..
Werewolves of London Mia McCroskey Steed stalks dangerous game.
Emma lures it in.
West Side Brolly Alexis Rockford Steed & Emma's version of the classic West Side Story
What's Happening To Steed Esteed Steed drops out of sight, Emma is taken for a ride.
What's What? Cassandra Elise Tara Turns to Crime. Siegfried Travels the Straight and Narrow. Steed Fills Max's Shoes. Emma Becomes a Number. That's Right! Sequel to In Enemy Hands.
White Christmas Caroline Miniscule A Post Too Many Christmas Tree story.
Who Do You Think You Are Zake Steed and Mrs Peel get into double trouble - literally! Short and hopefully sweet
Won't You Be My Valentine, Mr. Steed? Deafone A sweet seasonal story
World Domination, Or Not Stormcloud Empath Harry PotterAvengers crossover. The year is 1967, and a certain aspiring Dark Lord wants to take over all of England-an extraordinary crime. Unfortunately for him, two Muggle agents extraordinary are already on the case.
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