Happy Birthday Steed
  by Kathryn Charles

John Steed rose at eight AM, unusual for him at any time, but doubly unusual given the late night he'd had at the club the night before. Today was his birthday, he was turning forty-three and Mrs. Peel had invited him over for a day of "celebration". She had specified that he needed to pick her up by ten to make the day complete. She was being quite mysterious about what she had planned. She'd mentioned that she planned to take him somewhere she was quite sure that he'd never been before.

Steed contemplated the last six months. Everything that had occurred since he had recruited the President of Knight Industry to be his "unofficial partner." Their working relationship had rapidly gelled into a finely tuned partnership. While it was true that Mrs. Peel was, at times, impetuous, and hard headed, none of the dire warnings that the Director had worried about had come true. In fact, Mrs. Peel seemed to know quite instinctively when to allow Steed to take the lead. Certainly every case that they had been involved in so far had been a resounding success. Steed knew that some members of the Ministry Staff resented the ease with Mrs. Peel roamed the area as if she owned it. She was, after all not a member of the service. No one had, as yet, had the courage to try and stop her.

Personally Steed found her to be attractive, charming, and even more intelligent than he had first realized. He delighted in the fact that, once they had gotten to know each other, she had begun to exhibit a quirky sense of humor that rivaled his own.

The one area that Steed felt profoundly disappointed in was her lack of return interest in anything beyond a friendly working relationship. She was fond of him. That he could see. At times during their first endeavors she seemed to challenge him to try and seduce her, then quickly the barriers that threatened to break his arm if he tried were back in place. Steed had watched her for months, feeling his own attraction grow. He watched her with his whole being, waiting for a sign that she would someday return his interest. He had begun to give up hope. How many times could a man get close, only to be turned away with a look determined enough to stop a starving tiger. He'd had a couple of relationships, casual ones with women, since teaming with Mrs. Peel. They had been enjoyable, but he couldn't help noticing that Emma's face, her presence kept intruding into his subconscious whenever he was with another woman. Regardless, Steed enjoyed her company and was looking forward to the day. Emma's only hint had been that he should prepare for a long hard ride. Steed dressed carefully in his best riding pant and jacket. He wore a turtleneck that outlined the muscularity of his chest.

When Steed arrived at Emma's penthouse flat, there was a Happy Birthday card and instructions on the door. Steed entered the apartment, wondering where Mrs. Peel could have taken off. In the middle of the living area there was a bottle of 1936 Champagne, perfectly chilled with two tall rose stemmed champagne glasses.

"Mrs. Peel", Steed called out. The only areas that one couldn't see in the flat were Emma's bedroom and the lavatory. It was almost ten and it wasn't like Mrs. Peel to be late.

"Steed," she called from her bedroom, "Take off your coat. Open the champagne and I'll be right out."

"Lovely day for a ride. Nothing like a long, hard ride on one's trusty steed."

Laughter from the bedroom, "Oh I do so hope your right." Mrs. Peel's voice had a rather strange lilt to it. Steed wasn't quite sure what it meant.

"Where did you say we are going Mrs. Peel?" Steed popped the champagne open.

Steed knew that Emma could move very quietly when she wanted, but was surprised when she whispered into his ear, "I don't believe I said, did I? Certainly someplace I hope you'll like."

As Steed turned, Mrs. Peel was still in her nightdress. A particularly fetching white number that had in the past driven him quite wild when they were investigating a particularly nasty group in miscreants. She stepped back just enough that they weren't touching. Steed looked into her face and suddenly, everything that George Anastophalus had told him about Acapulco made sense. The look in her eyes was the most inviting thing he had seen in years.

"Steed, the champagne." Cherubs in heaven have less twinkle in their eyes that what was now dancing in hers.

Steed realized that he had allowed the champagne bottle to tip and the champagne was now pouring on the floor. Mrs. Peel picked up the glasses and put them under the flow. When they were both filled. She took the bottle from Steed's hands. Steed held his breath, he wanted to pinch himself to make sure this wasn't a dream and he wouldn't wake next to an empty spot in the bed.

Emma must have read his mind, "Oh, Steed I suppose if you'd like something else for you birthday I can arrange it."

The smile on her face and in her eyes told Steed that this was an idle offer. Emma had known exactly what would make the perfect birthday present.

"Are you sure Mrs. Peel? I mean its not even noon." Steed felt somewhat like a schoolboy. That was hardly the smoothest line he had ever given to a woman.

This tall Venus smiled, her eyes had taken on a look of soft desire and longing which made Steed want to vault out of his clothing.

"It's been awhile, but I think these things usually begin with a kiss, then we can see what develops from there."

Emma took Steed's untouched champagne glass from his hand and put one arm around his neck. The taste of her lips on his was one of the sweetest things that Steed had ever felt. Softly at first, they kissed, kissed and held each other. Neither of them had the concentration to remain standing and so found themselves on Emma's oversized couch.

Emma's hand wandered over his turtleneck. "I do so like the way you look in riding cloths. How do you look out of them?"

Steed didn't have to be asked twice. He started to take his cloths off, displaying himself before her, almost as if he were stripping for her approval. Emma's eyes never left his body as he removed his turtleneck. The scars on his body seemed a stamp of virility. Steed's chest and arms were much more muscular than Emma had ever realized.

Her voice was quite husky as she asked, "let me help you with your boots."

Steed leaned back on the couch; Emma knelt by his feet, pulling each of his hunting boots off, laying them to the side. Steed could feel the heat beginning to rise from Emma's body. Her breathing seemed slightly ragged. This was really going to happen. Steed realized at that moment that Emma's attraction to him was just as great, she just hid it better.

Slowly, Emma undid the belt around his waist. Steed wasn't sure if he could wait much longer. Sliding his riding breeches from his contoured waist, down his legs, removing them completely Emma never stopped running her eyes up and down his body. When he was fully naked she stopped to admire his body. His erection was quite impressive. He was large, more substantial that her husband had been.

Emma didn't know what Steed would like so she asked. "Steed," her voice was quivering a bit from both emotion and excitement. Her look told Steed that she wished him to take the lead.

Reaching down he pulled her to him, removing her nightdress. Then mustering all the self-control he had he began to slowly explore her body. He wanted to be inside her so bad that the delay was painful.

"Steed, I need you, now. I don't think I can wait."

Emma was evidently feeling much the same level of desire as Steed.

Picking up the pace, Steed laid her back on the couch, playing with her, stroking the area between her legs, attempting to ensure that he wouldn't hurt her when he entered her. As he positioned himself above her, he felt her tension her desire. Slowly he entered her, making sure that there was no pain. She wasn't that patient. As he entered her, her hips thrust up at him, impaling her on the full length of his staff. Steed's thrusts quickly matched hers as they both tumbled headlong toward a release that had been months in coming. Emma was moaning, begging him to go faster, to not stop. Pulling hard on his shoulders, her nails digging into his back, her legs wrapped around him adding impetus to her cries of desire. Steed felt like he was flying, every movement seemed to bring greater and greater pleasure. Steed felt her release begin, her vagina began to convulse sending intense waves of pleasure shooting throughout his body. Soon he found himself arching backward as his own release overcame him. Steed quickly moved to kiss her, to reassure himself that she was okay, after all this was the first time since her husband had died… When he looked into her eyes he saw affection, amusement, and a hunger that surprised him. Emma was, he saw just getting warmed up.

"Steed, what was it you said, nothing like a long hard ride on one's trusty Steed?" Emma licked her lips wickedly. "We've got all day. After all, it's before noon and as anyone knows no one has sex before noon."

Emma started by kissing his eyes, his mouth, and his neck. She ran her hands down his chest, outlining the scars that bore testament to his own service for the Queen. Rather than being repulsed, she seemed to regard these scars as badges of honor, lovingly kissing, licking and nibbling each of them in turn. Her hands stroked Steed's arms, slowly wandering down to his hands, when she reached them she pulled first one, then the other to her lips, kissing them gently. Her legs and feet stroked his legs, entwining herself with him. Steed wasn't sure where her body ended and his began. When she looked up to his face, her eyes partially hooded, her lovely hair falling across her face Steed couldn't get enough of the feelings she was generating and the thrill that ran through him as he saw the increasing desire within her eyes. Slowly she worked her way to his groin kissing the inside of his thighs, nibbling on the edges of his balls. Steed didn't know when he had last recovered so quickly. He felt twenty again.

Smiling, Emma concentrated on his ever-increasing length and girth. First she ran her tongue up the inside of his thigh, then across his balls to his already quivering penis. Steed, who was always so in control, even when danger threatened them, lay there with a look of astonished gratitude on his face as she began to minister to his needs. Humming Happy Birthday to You, Emma took Steed into her mouth, letting him fill her mouth as he had minutes before filled the pleasure zones between her legs.

Steed didn't understand how she could continue to hum as she sucked nibbled, and licked him into greater intensity of desire. The humming felt like a small vibrator attached to his penis. He was quite sure that he had never felt anything quite like it. Steed moaned with pleasure as Emma brought him closer and closer to climax. Just as he thought he had reached his zenith she bit him, not hard, but enough to distract him, to bring him back from the precipice. Twice more she repeated this sequence, bringing him to the edge, then distracting him. Just when Steed didn't think that he could stand it any more she pushed him over the edge as she took him all the way into her mouth and throat, her head bobbing up and down in a movement meant to take all reason from a man. It worked. Steed shouted, he moaned, he twisted in ecstasy as his entire body felt as if it had exploded. Steed fell back, not quite senseless, but incapable of any movement. The look on his face would have been better suited to that of a twenty old virgin who had just discovered sex, rather than a forty three year old man of the world.

When at last he was capable of intelligent speech again he inquired, "Pray tell, where did you learn that, my dear?"

Emma grinned, laughter overcame her. "Would you believe it's a course at the university? Steed, you really need to keep up."

Steed grabbed her, hugging her to him, wanting to feel her body against his. "I assume that you graduated with honors, then."

Steed then began his own leisurely exploration of her body. He could feel the desire, the need that had built up in Emma during her activities, but he was in no hurry to satisfy it, at least not yet. It had taken him six months to get this far and he wasn't going to miss the opportunity to check out all the areas his imagination had been roaming during that time. Steed quickly realized that Emma's feet and the back of her knees were quite sensitive, not sexually, but that she was ticklish at least when aroused. Steed filed that piece of information back for later use. Emma's desire was very evident in her eyes and the way her body rose to meet Steed's every touch. She seemed content to wait until he was finished to demand her own release. It was as if she understood his need to take his time after waiting so long.

As Steed explored her body, Emma felt desire and animal passion overtaking her. She needed him to take her and take her soon, but seeing the wonderment with which he was exploring her body, she couldn't bring herself to spoil his fun for her own gratification. When Steed placed his head between her legs and began to caress the area of her body that was demanding release, Emma was quite close to exploding herself. Not in all her years of marriage had Peter pushed her this far, taking her past the point where release normally came. She heard herself moaning, pleading again with Steed to take her. She felt her body arch to meet him, trying to push his tongue even further into the folds between her legs. Eventually, when she thought she could take it no more, Steed rolled off her, lay on his back and pulled her on top of him.

"You're ride my lady," his voice held a sexual growl of desire, his penis stood tall and straight, awaiting her pleasure.

Emma quickly lowered herself on to Steed. It took all the self-control and concentration she had to not take his full length immediately. She started with just the head inside her, moving only enough to feel the friction, for Steed to recognize that he was within her. Slowly she increased the depth to which she took him into her; her movements gaining both speed and depth as she continued to ride him. Her hands ran along his chest. She could feel one of Steed's hands on her breasts, the other between her legs massaging her, exciting her. Emma was no longer aware of the surroundings. Everything, every bit of who she was focused upon what was happening. As she reached her peak, she tried to back down; the feelings were too intense. Steed pushed her; he began motions of his own, taking her far beyond what she had though of as orgasm. At last the intensity began to subside as she lay gasping for breath in Steed's arms. His warm grey eyes looked into hers. His affection and concern were evident.

"My trusty, lusty Steed…" Emma smiled as she contentedly snuggled into Steed's arms. "So what shall we do with the rest of the day?"

Steed laughed, "A nap, then lunch, them maybe we could take another ride?"

By the time midnight came and Steed's birthday ended, there was an unspoken pact between them, born out of heat and desire, they both knew that this was to be a regular occurrence. Steed knew that he would never have another birthday quite like this one, but he looked forward to all the days in between.

©  Kathryn Charles 2002
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