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13-Nov-05    Wow.. time flies.. Pretty quiet on the fanfic front.. and I'm not being too active on the web lately, so if you see anything I missed, please let me know.

Now if you want to share and talk about The Avengers, Judith had the great idea to set up a message board for everyone interested. There is a choice of categories, from Steedophilia to Avengers fanfic, so each of us should find something we like there. It's brand new, so rather empty, but it's awaiting yours posts. You can get to the board directly at or via Judith's website. Thanks for sharing this.  :o)

08-Jun-05     A new story from Mia (sorry it took me almost a month to put it here) called Juggernaut. Otherwise very quiet on the fanfiction side of life...

12-Feb-05    Woah.. time flies... And not much to add either..
BUT.. someone from Netherland, Lucille, wanted to share with us all a video clip she made called "What might have been" which I encourage to download and watch. You, SEDDI people, will like it. It's big but I think it's worth it. Get it at:
To email your feedback to Lucille, do not use the address in the clip but instead.

01-Jan-05   HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you.

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