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28-Dec-2003     HAPPY NEW YEAR !! Not really an update, just made an intro page with the seasonal colors.. :o)

25-Dec-2003    MERRY CHRISTMAS !! A new author appears in the Library: Deafone who's first story is called Won't You Be My Valentine, Mr. Steed? Also, Caroline Miniscule committed a seasonal story happening on Boxing day and called Requiem For A Lightweight.

12-Dec-2003    Karmyn concluded her trilogy with Finished Business, MiaM got us a little Christmas surprise with Secret Santa, and Esteed joins the Holiday Spirit with All I Want For Christmas Is You.

30-Nov-2003    MiaM is back with a new story called Destiny Cruise which is a little flashback in the series. She promises a sequel to Torcello soon.. :o)  
Also, Karmyn has added Steed's views in Reflections 2.
Barbara (Galeforce) has a few new stories, some still in Beta conditions, but if you're curious, they're listed here too..

06-Nov-2003    What is fan fiction? Is it only writing or does it expand to other means, like cartoon or photo-novel?.. Well, I think Ian Duerden has created something so unique and amazing that I'll add it here. It is a cartoon (for the lack of better word) about the Avengers, but not just a cartoon. It's an original story and some extraordinary artworks! The Sisterhood is a MUST-SEE, even if you might have to wait an hour because it reaches the bandwidth limit..

04-Nov-2003    I'm happy to share with you one of the rare stories written by Irma Peel called The Kiss. I hope she'll give us more to publish here. :o)

02-Nov-2003    Return to the normal menu page and addition of a short Halloween story from Caroline Miniscule called Howliween.

25-Oct-2003    Beside the Hallowen menu (which I had fun making), Caroline Miniscule has a new story set right after Too Many Christmas Tree and it's called White Christmas. Almost seasonal too! :o)

16-Oct-2003    MiaM still has us on the edge of our seats with her suspens filled Torcello. A new writer has appeared at, namely Sac-a-Puce, who shares a first story called Fatal Harvest. And finally, Trevor Dower has a new story hosted here called The Unseen Future and which has the originality of not only a good plot, but also to be a David Keel story, prior to his partnership with Steed.

15-Oct-2003    "Goody, a challenge!" This quote from Q in Star Trek Voyager to launch a challenge to all fanfic writers out there! As you may have noticed, the 'halloween' category is empty. So who will write the best spooky story for this year's Halloween??? No price to win, just fun to share with others... :o)

08-Oct-2003    Welcome to our new home! I'm terribly sorry for the brusque change, I had not planned it that way (ok, I screw up! *g*). But if you're here, all is well. :o) In this new home, I will not lack space to let The Library grow, I will be able to add goodies, there will be no advertisement and improvements will be made. Since it is still a transitional stage for me, please bear with me if you find imperfections or broken links. I'm working on it! :o) Make yourself comfy now...

07-Oct-2003    Gosh, time flies! Karmyn has written a sequel to The Letter called Reflections.   MiaM continues her wonderful saga with a new installement called Torcello. The baby's there, folks! *GRIN*

20-Aug-2003    After a couple of weeks of work, I've redesigned the Library. The pages previously there will seem similar for the visitors, though many changes have been made to facilitate the maintenance on the long run. I have added new categories which should help you find exactly the type of stories you're looking for.

12-Aug-2003    MiaM has a new installement in her serial, this one's called Archaeology. And Caroline Minuscule has a different kind of story involving am 80y.o. Steed and 65y.o. Emma.. It's called Avengers Forever, aka Die Hardest.

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