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05-Nov-04    Added Mia's Halloween special called Werewolves of London. Also, her latest story Puzzles of Kings is finished. :o)

03-Nov-04    I have updated the links toward Ian Duerden magnificent graphic art stories (really, one cannot call them cartoons!) and, sadly, I have added most of Trevor Dower stories in the Lost Stories.

05-Sept-04    First, I apologize if you're having trouble reaching this site from time to time. The hosting provider is giving me a hard time and I cannot get my domain name from them to move somewhere else. Hopefully this will be solved soon...

On a happier note, Mia has a new story going called Puzzles of Kings. The first six chapters are up already. :o) And as I am catching up with Mia, here are other new stories at No Nightmare Tonight by Barbell, The Man That Got Away by Esteed, The Secret Avengers by Aura-z70. If you see some I missed, pls let me know since school is taking most of my time now I have less time to roam the web. Tks :o)

19-June-04    Updated all links to Joodiff stories as she rearranged her website completely. Have a look at her upgraded Steedophilia pages, too.. :o). Also, Karmyn has been adding some chapters to her Righting Wrongs story,

13-May-04    My connection to my hosting place is back, I have no idea why or how, but I'm just hurrying to upload some updates before it goes down again.. Hopefully, it'll stay up, though.. *crossing fingers*.. I have linked Mia's stories to their new links and added her latest one called Mad Dash. Also added a new story from Stormcloud Empath, A Far Better Thing, and one from Alexis Rockford, The Steedasticks.

01-May-04    Unfortunately, I have troubles reaching my own hosting place, so until I can solve that, I'm limited in what I can upload here. Note that Mia's stories are not of anymore, you can find them at her site:
I'll upload the corrected pages as soon as I can.

20-Mar-04    MiaM offers us a new flashback story called Berlin. Yet another masterpiece! ;o)

01-Mar-04    Note to writers: I will host any FINISHED story. Any serious fanfic writer is very welcome to submit their work to me anytime. Thank you. :o)

11-Jan-04    She wanted it, she got it: 2004 first entry! ;o) Mia started the sequel to Torcello and it's up to chapter 4 already. Check out Diamond Mind :o)

04-Jan-04    HAPPY NEW YEAR to all! This is also the start of the second year of The Avengers Fan Fiction Library. I would like to thank all of you who encouraged and supported this website and its webmistress. Keep writing, folks!

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