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31-July-2003    A new author has joined the Library, Trevor Dower. His stories are based on The Avengers the movie so it might not be everybody's taste, but they ARE Avengers stories nevertheless. :o) Esteed also started a new story called The Melting Pot. On the bad news front, KevC's Meaning Of L.I.F.E. has been added to the lost stories.

24-July-2003    Karmyn has a new chapter in Righting Wrongs and she also wrote a short story called The Letter. Mia's venician story is finished. And Cassandra Elise started a new story called What's What. All at

17-July-2003    YES! Mia's new story has arrived! It's called Murder On The Grand Canal and happens, you guessed, in Venezia Italy. She uploaded up to chapter 3. Also, Karmyn posted the most awaited chapter eleven of Righting Wrongs. Plus there is a new author at called Stormcloud Empath with an ongoing story called Russians, Rules and Romance.

12-July-2003     Sorry it's been a while, but real life has been a bit hectic lately.. Anyhow, today I've added links toward Caroline Minuscule's new stories called Ever After, Happily. I also heard from Mia that she's being inspired so we can expect more from her soon. :o) And last but not least, if you're like me, you hate the Windows startup and shutdown logos, so I created some of my own. You can find them and instructions how to install them in the new PC-Stuff section.

30-June-2003    Mona Morstein adapted Poe's famous poem The Raven into an amazing Avengers version called The Ravenaut. Do not miss!
Oh..And I'd like to remind everyone that there IS a guestbook to be signed.. don't make me beg.. ;o)

26-June-2003    Added two wallpapers made with screengrabs from the movie 'Battle Of The River Plate'.

24-June-2003    MiaM continues the saga leading to the long awaited wedding, this one's called Dearly Beloved. Also I had missed Mia's Paris in the listings, so it's corrected. :o) Caroline Minuscule has a new chapter in her series Chase Me Faster and a new story called The Transformed Man.

15-June-2003    Caroline Minuscule has two short stories up, called Avengerous, or: Every Steed Needs a Knight and Berlin, not long ago, or: Every Knight Needs a Steed

05-June-2003    Although mostly SEDDI, this library is open to ANY Avengers stories. Rare are fanfics with Catherine Gale or Tara (although the latter might be around in SEDDI stories). So when I stumbled today on a site I hadn't seen before which has a serial including Mrs. Gale, I couldn't wait to add it to this library. :o) The first story is from Caroline Minuscule and it's called Chase Me Faster. More than a story, it's a serial of stories! New chapter promised each week. Also from Caroline is a little fantasy called Patrick Macnee in 'Who's Who'.

04-June-2003    Karmyn's story has a new part on Righting Wrongs and MiaM is back from her trip with two new parts on her Concrete Evidence.  Cassandra Elise also has started a new story called Blown It All Sky High.

02-June-2003    It's happily that I greet a new resident of the Library, W.S.Jones Jr. (aka Sam), with two stories of his creation. Peter Peel will show Peter's point of view on the events since his crash to his return to London. And Mirrors in Belfast will have you biting your fingernails as a very young Steed goes on his first mission.. and not an easy one either! Thanks for sharing with us, Sam! :oD

Also I have split in two halves the alphabetical list of authors to avoid too much scrolling. And Karmyn's story, Righting Wrongs, is up to part nine

22-May-2003   A new author in, Zake offers a nice short story in the line of Who's Who, called Who Do You Think You Are. Hope we'll get more stories from this promising author! Alexis Rockford also offers us a great poem called Ode To An Avenger, starting with each letter of Steed full name.  Karmyn's Righting Wrongs is getting along well, an adult chapter (only on request to the author) has just been done. And of course, do not miss MiaM fast writing (and GREAT writing) with a new chapter a day of Concrete Evidence!

09-May-2003    MiaM has started a new story, sequel to her latest Blind Trust. This one's called Concrete Evidence. Thanks Mia for answering our pleas! ;o)  Also, Cassandra Elise has a fun one going on, called The Agent Test.

28-Apr-2003    After two complete days of research and tweeking of images, I've got a treat for you, Macnee fans.. I've added a page with 67 links toward articles, ads, gossips, etc. from The Toronto Star from 1950 to 2000. Those are scans of microfilms that the Star has put online (for a fee). After saving them, I have transfered in .gif and put on a server to share with you all. Those articles are copyrighted so keep them for your own use. Enjoy!

21-Apr-2003    A few changes in the Library. I had reached my 5Mb limit already, so I moved all the wallpapers to another provider (with popups, sorry!). It's pretty much transparent for the visitors, except if you had bookmarked the wallpaper page, it will not work anymore. Also, I did all this because I've added one NA Steed wall!

20-Apr-2003    Happy Easter! Today, I've added a new part to Righting Wrongs by Karmyn and I'm glad to present Mint Julep's latest story (or "more a thing", as she says! *G*) called War Horse. Note also that Mia's Blind Trust is going well (chapter 7 uploaded).

06-Apr-2003    Added Lady Of The Manor to the lost stories page. Added a new part to Righting Wrongs by Karmyn.

03-Apr-2003    The ever prolific MiaM has a new story called Blind Trust ongoing at

02-Apr-2003    WARNING! Young Avengers' story Lady of The Manor will be removed by the end of the week at the author's request. Save it while you can...

25-Mar-2003    Welcome to a new resident to the Library: Karmyn who's story Righting Wrongs is coming up nicely.. stay tuned for more chapters!

23-Mar-2003     Added a couple of wallpapers for your enjoyment.. (and mine!)

20-Mar-2003    Added a guestbook, in hope visitors will give me feedbacks.. PLEASE DO ! (I'm begging here! ;o)

This site can also be reached with a fast-URL (although, sadly, it does get an extra popup ad window when used), so if you can't remember the full address of the main page, just remember and it'll work! :o)

19-Mar-2003    I've added a link toward Patrick's letter named "War is Death", I think "Georges Dubya" should read it while listening to John Lennon's "Imagine".

Also, Mia has finished her story Four and Twenty Blackbirds and started a sequel named Two's Company. Mia, I can't keep up with ya! ;o)

17-Mar-2003    Just made a green introduction for St-Patrick's day! Also, Cassandra Elise has a new story called A Tea Engagement.

27-Feb-2003    The Library is happy to welcome a new tennant this week: Damita Syn. She brings three new stories and a half with her. "And a half?"... yes... the other half of The Christmas Gift was written by Kathryn Charles, so we now have the complete set. See the Christmas section to find that one.

The conclusion of Mia's Twist of Fate is up in the adult section of

20-Feb-2003    MiaM has a new story called Twist of Fate ongoing at Up to chapter 6 today...

06-Feb-2003    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PAT! :o) Health, Happiness and many many more birthdays to come, dear Pat.

02-Feb-2003    Modified links toward Joodiff new website; added email for Mint Julep (stay tuned for her upcoming new story); added link to Mathematicsa story by MiaM.

01-Feb-2003    As I work at the Canadian Space Agency, today's events are especially close to my heart. I want to salute here the crew of STS-107: Rick Husband, William McCool, Michael Anderson, David Brown, Kalpana Chawla, Laurel Clark and Ilan Ramon. God speed.

05-Jan-2003    Added new links to stories on from MiaM, Esteed, Alexis Rockford and Cassandra Elise. Find them on the authors page.

04-Jan-2003    Happy New Year to all. I've added six stories from Mona Morstein and listed them in the order she suggests they should be read.

17-Dec-2002    Added some banners for those who wants to link to us and also added some wallpapers I had fun making with Photoshop..

15-Dec-2002    Decorated the entrance of the library for the Holidays.

09-Dec-2002    Added "The Real Ending of The Joker" by Patty Pat

01-Dec-2002    Opening of this library.

WELCOME TO THIS NEW LIBRARY. After searching for Avengers fanfic all over the place, I figured that a library was truly missing. I hope in a near future to link to every Avengers story online, but I know I'm far from it at this point. Keep coming to see it grow... :o)   Thanks, Patty Pat.


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