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About... Patty Pat

I'm now the age Patrick was when he filmed the second season of The Avengers. Sometimes I wish I was born 40 years ago, so I'd be the same age as he, but then that wouldn't mean I'd met him.. and that would also mean I'd be 80 now.. Hmm.. Better think twice on that one! :o)

Born and raised in Switzerland, I first fell in love with Steed watching the dubbed French version. I moved to Canada "for a year" as a nanny in 88, in Toronto, barely missing Patrick in Sleuth on stage there. I never went back to live in Switzerland but I moved to Montreal since then. My dream is to have a ranch in the Rockies some day.

I remember two Avengers episodes who traumatized me as a kid: The Winged Avengers and Thingumajig. One made me secure and double check my windows, the other made me scared of going to the cellar (or any basement) for years!.. *g* I grew over that, although I still check for black boxes when I'm in a basement, in case.. :o)

For the anecdote, I was supposed to be named Patrick since mum was certain I'd be a boy. Surprise surprise, I wasn't and she didn't have any girl's name planned.. So in the momentary panic, I became Patric..ia. It probably has nothing to do with Mr Macnee since we didn't own a TV back in 62, but.. I like the story! :o)

I found frustrating to have to search forever to find Avengers fan fictions online, so I've decided to create this library. I don't pretend having caught everything, but I hope you'll let me know if I missed something out. I hope it'll help fanfic readers to find what they like.

Happy reading! :o)

Patricia - aka Patty Pat

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