by Irma Peel

"Well, Steed alone at last," she said, a sly sexy smile playing across her beautiful face. She took in the sight of this extraordinarily handsome man standing there gazing out the living room window.

"Mrs. Peel," Steed said as he turn away from the window to look at her, his gaze going down her body to her feet and very slowly back up to that wonderful
face that he had grown so fond of. "Whatever do you mean by that?" he asked with that slightly devilish grin he was so famous for.

"Well we have been missing each other ,no?" she asked disappointedly.

"Do you mean that literally or in another context?" he said.

"I do miss you terribly, Steed," she said almost in a whisper.

Now that caught his attention. How many times had he missed her so much when he was away from her that he could hardly think straight. He walked toward her
slowly keeping his soft gray eyes transfixed on her. She watched him as he came and stood in front of her by the fireplace, their eyes still locked on each other.

"We haven’t seen much of each other the past week. We’ve hardly spent any time together. I guess maybe you hadn’t noticed?" she said a hurt look in her eyes.

Yes, my beautiful brown-eyed beauty, I’ve noticed, he thought to himself. "I rather thought that you preferred it that way, Mrs. Peel. After all, I did try on several occasions to speak to you and you brushed me off with a wave of your hand. You said you were off with the girls on one of your many outings."

He waited to see what kind of a response he would get, all along remembering how she had said she had missed him terribly.

"I recall being brushed off, as you said, several times by you also, Steed. You said you had things to attend to and places to go."

"Well, it has been a rather busy week, Mrs. Peel, family gatherings, festivities and all that."

That’s why they were at the countryside estate owned by the Steed family. It was the tenth annual Steed reunion and Emma Peel was Steed’s very special guest of honor for the next two weeks.

"Look Steed, isn’t it about time we stopped playing these games with each other? We’re wasting precious time," she said.

"Games Mrs. Peel? I don’t think I understand," he said all along knowing very well exactly what games Mrs. Peel was referring to. The sidestepping games and
endless banter between them that they had down to a science. The games he so thoroughly and so absolutely enjoyed playing with her.

She sighed in exasperation, almost completely overwhelmed by how annoying he could be when he set his mind to it. Steed was playing her and she would have to concede and give in to an explanation to make her point.

"Yes Steed. The I chase you, you chase me, I flirt with you , you flirt with me, I tease you, you tease me, I touch you, you touch me games."

He couldn’t take his eyes off her. She was making everything as clear as she could for him, not that she needed to. I got you, he softly whispered to himself.

"I want more than a working relationship with you, Steed. It’s something I’ve been wanting for a very long time."

"And what pray tell made you decide now that this is what you want, Mrs. Peel?" he
said with that special twinkle in his eyes.

"Your kiss," she said simply. Mrs. Peel’s voice was hardly a soft whisper that he could barely hear it.

"My kiss?" he asked, a fake shocked expression in his tone.

"I didn’t know you could kiss like that," she said surveying his face as if she was seeing it for the very first time.

He could see the tension growing in her face as she waited for his response. He chuckled slightly trying to easy the situation.

"That kiss, my dear Mrs. Peel, was my family’s way of putting you on the spot just to get a reaction from you."

Mrs. Peel’s eyes looked down to the floor pondering how to deal with what she had just heard Steed say. "So I suppose you felt nothing when you kissed me
Steed? I noticed you dismissed it so easily, like it was no big deal," she said with a hurtful look in her eyes as she returned to look at him.

"I was hoping you would react exactly that way," Steed said. "I deliberately left as quickly as I could. The idea was to stun you and leave you wanting more, and from the looks of it, I seem to have succeeded."

She saw the thoroughly amused smile that lit his face from ear to ear.

"Succeeded, indeed!" she said sarcastically. "So you had it planned, did you, Steed?"

"No, no, remember you were so excited and utterly delirious after your first experience with your skydiving adventure, you said you would kiss the next man that walked in the room. My family took it from there Mrs. Peel and I obliged
them willingly because after all it was to my advantage.
You are a woman of your word, Mrs. Peel, and I know you well enough to guarantee that you wouldn’t back down, even after you saw me walk through the door."

"Touché, Steed!" Mrs. Peel said in defeat. "I seem to have made a real fool of myself, haven’t I?"

"On the contrary, Mrs. Peel, the kiss was very real. Do you know how much strength it took for me to walk away from you that day? Sheer willpower, my dear! That
was probably the hardest thing I have ever had to do,"
he reassured her with that irresistible little smile that was hers and hers alone.

She turned and walked to the window trying to collect her thoughts for a few seconds.

"I’ve never felt like this with anyone before, Steed. You complete me in a way that I could never explain to you. I can’t begin to explain it to myself much less understand it."

He walked across the room to stand behind her just a couple of inches from her.
"I understand completely with no explanation necessary, Mrs. Peel, for you my dear do for me what no other woman has ever done before. You sustain me like the air that I breathe and without you I would die," he said, his heart in his hands.

He closed the gap between them sliding his arms around her slim waist, and pressing a soft kiss on her neck.

Her vision blurred as tears welled up in her eyes. She continued to stare out the window but leaned back against Steed’s warm loving embrace.

"How can one man’s presence have such command over one woman, Steed?" she asked him pleadingly.

"How can one woman’s presence have such command over one man, Mrs. Peel?" he answered as he gently turned her to face him. He cupped her tearstained face in his strong hands and deepened his intense gaze making her feel deliciously dizzy.

"I will miss our games, Mrs. Peel. You are a worthy opponent. You’ve been able to beat me with one arm tied behind your back at times."

"Bondage, Steed?" she asked as she blessed him with a sly sexy smile that warmed him to his very soul. "I’ve always know you were special, but you’ve beat me
a time or two."

It had been a long time coming. A culmination of years of playful bantering, of total and complete admiration, devotion and undying trust in each other, of intense adoring gazes that could pierce them to the core of their very being, even though
neither of them was willing to admit it ,and it had finally come to an end or had it? In actuality this was really just the beginning of a new relationship for Steed an Mrs. Peel.

"Should we keep this to ourselves or should we share it with the family?" Steed asked smiling at her.

"Let’s keep it between us for now, Steed," Mrs. Peel said pressing herself closer to him.

He gathered her into his arms losing himself in the feel of his lips as they met hers’ in a kiss that words could never begin to describe. A kiss so amazingly passionate and all encompassing that time stood still as if they were lost in a world of their own.

That world suddenly came to a very abrupt startling stop as whistles, cheers and applause came out of nowhere. It was as if all the Steed clan had been waiting ages for this to happen. Steed and Mrs. Peel looked around at everyone smiling and cheering and smiled back.

They turned back to look at each other and smiled, touching forehead to forehead, their eyes gazing lovingly at one another.

"I love you, Mrs. Peel," Steed said.

"As much as I love you, Steed?" she asked.

"More, I think," he said.

"Really? Show me," Mrs. Peel dared him.

Their kiss resumed, just as passionate as before and hopefully for a bit longer as the last one of the Steed clan exited the living room and closed the double doors.

Alone at last ? No, together at last!

©  Irma Peel 2003
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